Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mission Small Business

Hey cherry friends I know you all are expecting our cherry pickin' adventures, but this contest we have entered has been consuming our time.  We, like many small businesses, want to expand, but don't have the financial ability to do so.  We found out about Mission Small Business through a friend (thanks Dee!!) about 10 days ago, and have been working around the clock to get everyone we know (and those we don't know) to vote for us.  Crazy, huh!  It doesn't seem like getting 250 people to cast their vote for us would require around the clock efforts, but it has.
So, if you have not heard our pleas to cast your vote, we ask again to please follow this link and vote (it's so easy just log in with facebook :)) for It's So Cherry out of Utah.  Thank you for your support!!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

We were able to get away for a few days and go "camp". I only use parenthesis because we stayed at my dad's cabin, so we didn't have to rough it too much :).  
It was great to get out exploring and enjoy the beautiful scenery that Utah has to offer.  Though we cannot report seeing too many of the animals that we could hear, we did stumble upon a meadow full of butterflies.  

 So leave it up to grandparents to find the cool things that add that extra flare to an already great campfire.  It was a package of who knows what, but it turned the flames of the campfire all sorts of colors...can you see the green and blue flames?  It was so cool!
 Honestly, I'm not sure how much of the s'mores actually ended up in the girls mouths.  I am sure I cleaned off marshmallow I found on them for a few hours!  Oh well, it's all good in the name of camping.

Going hiking...so fun!

What fun summer activities are you enjoying?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Cherry Pickin' Adventures

What a week!  In our quest to find the greatest cherry deals we have been all over.  First of all, I must say thank goodness for amazing nieces, who my kids love!  If I always had to drag the kids...well, let's just say it would not be so fun, and we wouldn't ever get anything done.  However, in this instance my niece came with us to one of Utah's great spots, Thanksgiving Point.  We actually had a meeting for a little while, but while we did that the kids were able to explore.    
It was a beautiful day, so though it was great to sit in the sun, we couldn't resist playing on the fun water contraption.   

Yes, I really did put his head in the water!!  The kids were soaked, and I was a "little" wet, but it was well worth it.  Our meeting went great and the kids had a great time.  
We love the summer! Any excuse to get out and find great cherry deals and play at the same time...it doesn't get much better!

Have any suggestions of places we should check out?  Let us know.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hair Clips "How To"

Okay, want to order the fun colored hair extensions, but not sure how to put them in?  We are here for ya!  Check out Chandi demonstrating how to put them in, make them blend, and look amazing!  

Have any fun tips for colored hair extensions?  Let us know, and we will share them with our cherry friends.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Cherry Pickin' Adventures

We never really thought we would put our hobby to work for us.  My mom and I love to shop.  We love to find great finds, but choke every time we see price tags.  Now, I don't consider myself cheap, but I have a young family and a husband who only recently finished school, so we do have a budget.  As you get to know us, you will soon find my mother has this amazing talent for always finding the greatest "stuff".
After many conversations, we thought we would share what we have found with all the ladies out there who are tired of overpaying for great accessories.  That's when we came up with It's So Cherry.  We are out finding great accessories for everyone (even the guys), and some for the house.  Most importantly, we are bargaining to get these great finds for "cherry deals" which we pass on.  There is only a limited quantity, so you have to get them fast.
Take a few minutes and get to know us, watch our intro. (to the right), and follow along "our cherry pickin' adventures".  We are just a couple of women who want to find great stuff at better prices.

We'd love to have your input, so be sure to leave comments telling us what you'd like to see.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Nights

You know its summer when the carnivals start rollin' into town.  You can smell the cotton candy and corn dogs all around.  
After a long week, I am very excited to gather up my family and spend the evening at the first carnival of the summer.  My kids will enjoy all of the great carnival food and treats that are anything but healthy.  However, it's the closest thing to Disneyland they are will see this summer, so I guess I will let them enjoy.  
For me, my favorite part is seeing how much fun the kids have.  I only watch them ride all of the rides and I am sick, but they ride everything that goes around and around.  I don't know how they hold it all in. 
We hope you are kicking off your summer in an enjoyable fashion.  We would love to hear about the things your family enjoys doing on warm summer nights.  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Frame it, Hang it, Have Some Fun!

Entry way, mud room, or even your hall...frame or hook it, accessories for all.   With Deanne's extensive knowledge and training as an interior designer, she thought it might be fun to share a few tips on what you could do with these cute frames. 

These cute hooks can help you clear clutter (think coats, mail, and keys that have a tendency to walk away). Using a bit of creativity, an entryway can  help welcome guests with a great, big style hug.
As I started to think about entryway ideas, I found they run the gamut from palatial and strikingly beautiful to uber-kid-friendly, but sacrificing adult style.  I stuck with simple, chic, and practical ideas that could work in any home. You can use paint, photos, furniture, and even quirky hooks to clear the floor and create an inviting space that you're not embarrassed to come home to or show off.
Magnet boards or mailboxes offer a stylish way to organize a front hall or a mudroom. The hooks provide a perfect perch for raincoats, scarves, and umbrellas; hats, gloves, and mittens fit nicely inside a mailbox. Items like these are available through online auction sites. Mailboxes get a crisp look when spray-painted white. A bonus: They're magnetic, so you can easily adhere favorite images and notes to them.

Friday, June 1, 2012

"Shopping" Study

Studying Shopping…What?
 I think we all love to shop.  However, have you ever stopped to think about the science behind what kind of shopper you are?  I haven’t ever thought about there being a science behind shopping, but come to find out there has been cognitive research done about the way people shop.   “Observable Cognitive Function in the Purchasing Process: A Study of Quickly Identifying Impulse Buying Behaviors in Consumers” was conducted by students in adjunct professor Chuck Martin’s class at the UNH Whittemore School of Business and Economics.
How do I get in on these studies?  Friends, find me someone who wants to give me a free pass to shop, and I will be a part of their “shopping” study. 

The results of this study are pretty insightful, so to read the article check out this link.