Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We are all about the finding the HOTTEST TRENDS!

We are all about the finding the HOTTEST TRENDS!
Read below to find out the three trends all the fashion experts are saying will be everywhere in the New Year, as well as the four staple items every woman should have in her wardrobe.
 2013 Fashion Trends
Lace was huge on the runways for spring. It is definitely a return to delicate, feminine dressing.  I love the idea of lace detailing on skirts, pants and coats. Lace tops are great to pair with a structured blazer to offset the sweetness. A super easy way to integrate the lace trend into spring is a lace tight!

Sixties graphic prints like stripes and checkerboard were huge on the spring runways.  Strong prints were sent down the runway in all silhouettes, from gowns to minis to suit sets.  The best way to integrate this into your spring wardrobe is piece by piece. A strong jacket or blazer pairs well with a dark jean or cropped pant where as a skirt or pant goes well with a classic button down or a super soft t-shirt in black or white.  You can keep your whole outfit graphic and on trend without turning into an optical illusion!

 It is equal parts slouchy and girly with a great mix of patterns and proportions. It’s about a balance of texture and toughness.  An example would be to sport a soft floral with structured, reinterpreted biker jacket.
For spring, layer a great knit over a delicate dress and add a great boot. Mixing prints like floral and plaid with a solid in between is also a great way to step into this trend!.

Four Wardrobe Must-Haves
1)     A black leather moto jacket.  This is an Elle wardrobe staple for all seasons.  Leather adds great texture and toughness to almost all pieces of a woman’s wardrobe. Cool with jeans, pencil skirts or over dresses – always a great investment piece.

2)     Skinny dark jeans (slim cut).  Denim finds its way onto every runway season and it’s why it’s on the trend list each season. Dark denim is seasonless and a necessary addition for spring. Pair it with a blazer or leather and add accessories to go from day to night.

3)     A blouse or skirt with ruffle detail.  Ruffles and romantic details were huge this spring! Tone it down with a ruffle detail on a blouse for a bit of romance without being overwhelming.

4)     A structured blazer.  Another major trend this past spring was suiting. We love the idea of breaking up a suit to still keep it cool! Pair it with jeans and a t-shirt to keep the ease.

Don’t forget that this year designers are emphasizing ACCESSORIES!!
While color blocking has been a huge trend in both accessories and apparel over the course of 2012, the trend continues with a larger emphasis on accessories for the spring 2013 season. Designers showed color blocking on top handle satchels, daytime clutches, shoulder bags, wallets and shoes paired with both solid colored apparel and prints on the spring/summer 2013 runways; showing the importance of the trend in accessories.
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A great way to get noticed this season is to rock the color block! This spring brings unexpected color juxtapositions and bold hues on everything from headbands to handbags. By adding candy apple greens, fire engine reds, or mellow yellows (yes, pastels!) to your color palette, you are bound to turn some heads! Don't be afraid to try out different color combinations with different accessories, the results can be unexpectedly chic.
Simply put, COLOUR BLOCKING combines the use of two or more blocks of solid colour next to each other in an ensemble. It can include monotone, bright colours, muted colors, contrasting and complimentary colors.
Scared? Running for the hills yet? Don't! Stay! Hang around for a while and find out how you can COLOUR BLOCK your life! Using white basics as your building blocks, (or a contrasting splash of black if you just can't do without it) it's time to turn to simple separates in vibrant hues for a fresh take on summer. This is what I've fallen in love with...

Ok, so COLOUR BLOCKING your entire wardrobe and banishing the black might not be the best idea for all of us. For those of us who are not so fashion savvy (myself included), the absence of black in our wardrobe and on our bodies, might just mess with us...I mean, we've been indoctrinated with the 'black is slimming, black hides the imperfections, black is your best friend' fashion advice, and to meddle with it will have us all turning to (retail) therapy!! But never fear! COLOUR BLOCKING isn't just limited to fashion and the clothes in your wardrobe. If getting rid of black scares the bejeebies out of you - (as it does me) or you just can't imagine looking like a walking popsicle, then don't panic! There is a way.....inject some colour into your life and COLOUR BLOCK your home instead!!

COLOUR BLOCKING is a classic design approach that gives you more freedom to go bold with the look. The trick is to achieve a look of simplicity. Try these out for some COLOUR inspiration ...



 The trend itself is not necessarily new (take a look in your mom’s closet, and you might find some of her bright leotards from the eighties), but it is back in a big way.
The key to doing color blocking right is understanding which colors look best together. If this is not something that comes naturally to you, get out a color wheel. The colors on opposite ends of the wheel will look the best together! It is that easy.

 But why just limit these trends to fashion and apparel?  Many of these trends can be easily incorporated into home d├ęcor, creating statement spaces. 

Color blocking is a continuing fashion trend that can easily be incorporated into the interior of a home.  This year, many designers incorporated a neutral hue with one or two bold colors.  This look can be achieved best simply through paint.  Painting a feature wall in a bold hue, while the rest of the room is neutral, really draws attention to the bold color.  Or think outside the box; instead of painting one wall, paint large color blocks of various sizes and hues to help define spaces.  Blocks can even turn corners to envelope the space.

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