Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring it on!!

Spring it on!!
Even if you didn’t see any of the movies nominated this year, you still tune in to watch the Academy Awards. Why? Because there’s nothing better than Hollywood glamour and all your favorite stars in one place. More specifically, all your favorite stars in one place dressed in heavy jewels, elaborate accessories and gorgeous, gorgeous gowns.
For those of us on a budget (and unfortunately aren’t able to spend thousands of dollars on Fred Leighton jewelry), we have gathered some of our favorite Oscar accessories of the night and will feature on our site some great alternatives that will make you feel like an Oscar winner, even in your own living room.
Stacking is mandatory and, at last, a binding excuse to buy two of everything.  Mismatched or matched, to stack is to create, influence, and inspire.  From botanical jewels to the new grab bag, there are no specific rules when it comes to stacking!!
For every great street-style snap, we estimate there's a minimum of three amazing accessories that help make the look stand out — most likely more.
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Just Beachy!!

Just Beachy!!

Just about every spring handbag trend can be found by the zillions in every department store. There are eye-catching croc-print handbags, casual-cool striped beach bags, fun floral totes and neon-lined hobos with a retro '80s flavor, to name just a few.

So what's hot and what's not?
  • Your best bet: A great beach bag in a stylish print, like the striped or poka-dots. Perfect for trips to the farmer's market, beach and lunch with friends.
  • What to avoid: Overly trendy snakeskin and ruffle-detail bags that look like plastic (but were trying to look like leather). If you like these trends, try them out in a shoe instead.
Both in tailoring as well as color and prints you'll find the best alternatives to cheer up your wardrobe with some of the latest and must have  bags styles. Start your quest for your favorite items and make sure you bring out the best of your beach or festival spring and summer looks with these mod accessories.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

We Dare you to compare

We Dare you to compare
  Cherry Friends, we decided that we wanted to spark some interest and see if we could stir up a bit of a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, so we did a little compariosn shopping!  We want your feedback, and we would love for you, our Cherry Friends, to help us spread the word!!  Look at some of the item’s that we have coming up!
It’s So Cherry                     Department store
  $7                                     $14-$95

$5            $24
 $14 $32

$6 $18

 $17 $54

Just sayin!!
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ready for spring?

Ready for spring?

I personally am not a fan of cold weather, although I love my boots and layering my clothes I pereffer Spring/Summer any day. I am so ready for spring to come, after researching numerous sites and following  all the runway  shows this upcoming season is definitely focused on making a statement. Bright/or Dark bold colors will be the highlight of Spring/Summer 2013. Also, a trend that will be popular this season is Metallic!! Yes metallic; from shoes to skirts, bags, EVERYTHING! I give you fair warning, be prepared for metallic to dominate your local trendy stores.  

However my Cherry Friends, it’s not just about what we buy and what we wear…………
It is about getting ready in so many ways!  
Most of you don’t know how determined and driven Jodi is when it comes to working out, but I am here to tell you she inspires me every day!  Watch our blog over the next few weeks for some fantastic work out tips from Jodi!!
Spring is on its way (honest!)So get your shape-up started NOW

We're guessing you've spent the whole winter hiding under your baggy comfy knits but when the sun comes out you're going to want to look fabulous in the new season fashion trends.
………………In the mean time we found 10 ways to give your diet a spring makeover  
  1. Emphasize consuming local, fresh, whole foods and avoiding highly processed foods… like eating fresh organic strawberries instead of a strawberry-flavored cereal bar.
  2. Try to eat at least one fresh fruit or vegetable with every meal.  Once you can make this a habit it will get easier to add even more produce throughout the day.
  3. Replace sodas and energy drinks with low fat milk, unsweetened tea, club soda, or plain water.
  4. Don’t skip meals!  Skipping breakfast and/or lunch is what leads to excessive hunger and overeating at night.
  5. Listen to your body for cues on when it is time to eat.  Learn to recognize your hunger and eat when you actually feel hungry – not just because you are craving a sugary or salty snack.
  6. Carbohydrates are our fuel not our foe.  But try and choose healthier carbs like whole grains, nuts, and fresh fruits.
  7.  “Front-load” your calories at breakfast and lunch instead of eating most of your calories at a large dinner.
  8. Eat protein throughout the day.  It will help you feel fuller and more satisfied.  So don’t just have carbohydrates for breakfast and snacks (toast, bagel, pastry, cookies) but eat more eggs, dairy products, and lean meats.
  9. Eat out less.  Research proves that the more you eat at restaurants (including fast food) the more calories, fat, and sodium you consume.
  10. Keep it simple.  You don’t have to be a gourmet cook to eat well.  Keep a supply of fresh produce (frozen is OK too!), plain cooked chicken or fish in the freezer, lowfat dairy products in the fridge, and some whole grains you can quickly microwave  - and you can mix and match with different herbs and spices to create a wide variety of quick and easy meals!
Bring on the sun!!!!
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Stylish BEBE

Stylish BEBE
Fashionistas officially discarded the bare neck trend of a few seasons ago and indulged in gorgeous statement necklaces this season!!
This year, the “bold statement” necklace trend has swept over the stores and has taken the place of smaller, dainty necklaces. Women, regardless of age, are now opting for a chunkier, bolder look and are using statement necklaces to top off their style. Paired with a little black dress and a colorful pair of heels, these bold pieces of jewelry are making their mark as women choose bigger and more colorful necklaces and other statement pieces than ever before. Whether you’re on the hunt for the hottest wholesale fashion jewellery for your fashion company or are looking for that perfect piece to finish off your look, there’s no shortage of statement necklaces out there, nor various ways to wear the trend.

As mentioned before, a statement necklace is the perfect way to add a little sparkle to your little black dress for a night out on the town. Whether you’re looking for the ideal accessory for an upcoming party or a dinner date, the statement necklace is the perfect piece to compliment your outfit without going overboard. Since everything matches black, you can feel free to add some color to make your outfit stand out.

A statement necklace is the perfect accessory to complete a simple outfit and make it your own. An ideal outfit for a bold fashion necklace might include a collared button-down shirt with a V-neck sweater, a pair of blue jeans, and some cute tall boots. Take boring or bland outfits that you feel like you’ve worn one too many times and make it feel brand new by adding some stylish fashion jewelry such as a statement necklace and matching statement ring.

It can be boring to dress for work but you can make a bland outfit fit your style by personalizing your look with bold jewelry. If your daily work style has become more like a uniform with black pants and a button-down shirt, try adding some bling. Opt for a red or bright-colored statement necklace and brighten up your look. 

This look has been on the runways throughout the past year and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, so you may want to stock up whether you’re adding to your collection or are looking for a popular piece of wholesale fashion jewelry. Statement necklaces are relatively cheap and look great with just about everything. From a night out on the town, to a casual day with friends, to your daily work look, you can transform a boring look with just a small touch of color or a sparkly and bold necklace. To pull your look together, add a matching fashion ring or bracelet.
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Get Ready for Spring Fashion!

Get Ready for Spring Fashion!
Head wraps and scarves
Who is not familiar with this type of equipment? This can come in any material wearer may fancy. This is a very resourceful. Scarves are used to protect a hair style from getting all messed up in the wind or while she is traveling in an open-top car. Those with long hair can benefit from these. For one, look hip and chic boho, scarves are the best accessories for the hair. An artsy look with a bohemian look will be completed by donning a scarf over the hair.
Jaw Clips
Jaw Clips are now not only made of plastic. These can now encrusted with many crystals and beads. Long hair can be tamed and kept out of face this type of hair accessory. It is also of great use when the shower and you need to keep hair dry. Jaw Clips are often associated with casual look. You can wear this in the office during a busy day or you. This is not recommended to be worn at formal events if there is no fancy crystals attached.
Snap Clips
Snap clips are hair accessories that have that special “snap” when you close it. You may remember this as a hair ornament to choose from when you were still young. These have to hold tight and secure. Once these are clearly associated with young children, mature women have to avoid wearing it with bright colors.
These are great accessories for you, your teenage daughter and even your beautiful toddler!!
It’s never too early to plan for Spring!!

Super simple ponytail loop for a girl…………….!!

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